Spark is an Asteroids clone I wrote in VB6 sometime around 2005. The difference between Spark and Asteroids is that you can't shoot and if you come too close to the "asteroids" it arcs and you get an electric shock draining your ship's health.

As your health goes down your ship will start sparking and shaking and with even lower health it'll catch fire (in space, yea I know...). The playfield doesn't wrap around like it does in Asteroids either, instead it scrolls, but don't go too far as if you go outside the outer perimeter you will quickly lose health.

There were some more features I wanted to add to the game like weapon and health powerups, but I never got to implement it properly and I'm never going to. Let's face it, I might as well rewrite the game in JavaScript using HTML5 canvas if i want to upgrade it.

Pictures, source code and download will be available soon(ish).